DJ Teacher, Producer, and Host

I am a teacher and producer of beats and tracks for artists who do Rap, House music, Dance music, Rock, and Alternative.  I am a versatile MC, DJ, and Host of a weekly internet show called The Coast to Coast Hip Hop Show. I break new records each week on my show and support indie rap artists and any artists who do POSITIVE music. I am the member of two bands, The L.A. Sixs (formerly known as The L.A. Classics) and Super Dank Brothers.

I am passionate about many things. I am passionate about music I listen to that moves my soul and invokes emotions. I am passionate about the lyrics I write in my songs because they come from within and from the things I have seen, been thru, and done in my life. I am passionate about helping people thru my music and thru helping them understand how special each and every person is. I am passionate about the music I make, in the beats I create, because I want people to feel something positive!

Like you, I have had a life of ups and downs, adventures, accidents, and I have survived. Music has been the consistent element in my life and has seen me through the days!

Love and Peace!