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U.B.O.K. Entertainment

Performing LIVE at The Scotland Yard Pub on Saturday March 19, 2016. Line-up: The Krylons, The L.A. Sixs, Super Dank Brothers, Just One Reason, NonCon! FREE!


DJ 3rd Degree Music - DJ Teacher

I have been a self-taught DJ since 1981 when I started mixing New-Wave music via two tape-decks and one turntable. Many parties, clubs, events, and shows later, I am still rocking the house!  I am the Host of the weekly internet show The Coast to Coast Hip Hop Show with DJ 3rd Degree, which airs on Fridays at www.endangeredspeciez.com. I am one of two rappers, along with being the DJ/producer, for The L.A. Sixs and Super Dank Brothers. I am multi-skilled and talented. I love to work with cool, down-to-earth, positive people who strive to bring LOVE to the world thru music. I produce Rap, Dance, Alt-Rock, DnB, and more!

I am a DJ teacher, Producer of beats, and maker of DJ mixes.

DJ make beats/DJ Teacher